Jashn-e-Azadi makes me wonder if we really are free?


Freedom, the right everyone has to live their lives the way they want to, without any hindrance or restrain. It is the liberty, the power or right to act, think or speak without any obstacle or barrier. The more we defend this unique right, more enslave we seem to it.

Seeing people taking pride in, swanking, bragging and posting about Azadi makes me wonder if we really are free? Where is the freedom?

A country that emerged on the world map in the aftermath of thousands of brutal killing, depriving millions of people of the imminent freedom as the British Raj ended, a country that was clamored to allow a minority to live freely, a country that our ancestors thought would give them the freedom to live free from all the chaos and mayhem.

It has been about 70 years since Pakistan came into being, and we as a nation are still not free. We are slaves to this crumbling system, slaves to the feudal politicians, to our own wishes, slave to the time and even the economy. We are even nagged and forced to think in a way the system want us to. Freedom and free will are just an illusion here.

I won’t deny the fact that millions have sacrificed their lives for this freedom, but the harsh reality about the massacre, the faminetic instability, the molestations and rapes cases that out busted after the partition makes me think ,if  this is what we were fighting for?

We are still living in a state where we only talk about freedom, but if a woman is seen wearing jeans or in a western attire, she is declared a prostitute – a woman with no morals apparently . Isn’t she free?  A state where children are told to stay indoors, where people avoid going to public places as it’s not safe, where boom blast and target killings are routine stuff and where one’s life is always in danger can never be free.

Yea there is freedom if you have money. It can make you get away with almost anything. There is freedom to kill your inmates for religion or for honor of which the recent killing of Amjad Sabri and Qandeel Baloch are cite. Going back to how Salman Taseer, a top businessman and a politician was declared a blasphemer and assassinated by his bodyguard; restrains me from getting into religious injustice and how religion is taking away the liberalism. I wish I had the liberty to elaborate it.

I believe the world would have been a much better place if there would have been no borders and monetary system. It would have been a free and aspiring heaven. Where one would be free to go anywhere he wants to and live the way he wishes to.